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Pigeons nesting under solar panels is a nationwide issue. Solar panel companies don't inform you that their product creates a warm, safe and sheltered home for birds. Pigeons in particular regularly take advantage of this and cause long-term issues for your investment. 

Nesting and activity of birds around your solar panels can lead to a build up of fouling, blockage of gutters and constant mess on the ground below. Not only is this fouling a health hazard, but is also corrosive and can damage your wiring under the panels. 

Having this bird activity can also lead to bird mites entering your home through cracked tiles, small gaps in brick work and other such areas. This can be an expensive and difficult problem to resolve once it becomes an issue.                 

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All of our jobs are completed using the industry leading galvanised steel sheet mesh. We choose this over roll mesh for many reasons, primarily because our mesh is made to last. We have seen countless solar panel proofing jobs completed by others using roll mesh, chicken wire and other "proofing" methods that have failed to work for customers. Our methods are a proven, bespoke option for your investment.

Once we have removed any birds and all possible nesting from under your panels, the mesh is cut to the correct height and shape of your configuration, done using our industrial cutters. The mesh is then secured using UV Stabalised fittings and some vertical tension from the prongs. We do not drill/glue/self-tap our mesh, meaning your warrantys are not effected as we have not tampered with the panels themselves. 

All of our work is backed by our 10 year guarantee, giving you peace of mind in the event of an issue. 


Are you considering a sustainable and cost-effective way to power your home? Solar panels could be the answer you've been looking for. 

In addition to your Solar Panel Proofing job our technicians are equipped with telescopic brushes to give your panels a thorough clean and rinse, along with cleaning the gutters below the panels if you wish to add this service!

Not only do we offer solar panel proofing, but we're also able to offer alternative bird proofing methods such as Spiking and Netting.

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